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Follow That Rabbit!

Our "Looking Glass" series will have your Pup racing down a rabbit hole! Hand painted, yummy creamy colored diamonds, overlaid with our cherry red hearts create this “not everything is as it seems” design. Martingale dog collars are great for training, but this design is awesome for attending any tea party.

Don't forget your Looking Glass Dog Leash

Other dog collar styles include a Metal Buckle and Plastic Buckle.

  • Harlequin pattern from your favorite Fairy Tail
  • Martingale collars come in 1.25" width only
  • Custom antique bronze finish hardware includes a chain martingale set up
  • Sturdy but soft webbing that is stitched and riveted for extra durability

Need extra security? Check out the Looking Glass Dog Harness.

Customer Reviews

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Eye Candy for Canines

I just can’t say enough great things about Merry Jane & Thor – about their products, about them, about their love for and commitment to animals. I first met the co-founder, Vicki, a few years ago at a dog event with my pitties, Pumpkin Pie and Brucie. I was impressed with her collars and leashes, which are hand designed. The quality and heart that goes into them are evident and, having obtained a few of them myself, I can attest that they stand up over time to pretty much any type of big dog shenanigans. Not only that, but poring over the different designs Vicki creates is like being a kid in a candy store. They are charming, colorful and whimsical. Pumpkin Pie’s first Merry Jane & Thor collar was a pink polka-dotted martingale with rainbow stripes on the reverse, a perfect reflection of her girly attitude. Though she has countless cute collars, this one quickly became my favorite and is her everyday collar. I’ve had it for over a year and it's still like new. She really didn’t need any more collars, but recently the new Looking Glass design caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. It's now my new favorite! Since it also comes with more masculine blue accents, Brucie may be getting one soon as well, even though he’s not quite as much of a fashionista as his big sister. Sometimes you just have to recognize a good thing when you see it and grab it! I’m always excited to add a Merry Jane & Thor creation to my pitties’ collection. I’m confident you will be as well.

Love it!

Purchased the Queen of Hearts collar for my Golden princess when I was shopping in Carefree, Az. I love it. No more ugly choke collar for my girl when she is out for a walk ...This soft choke collar is absolutely wonderful. So glad I found it.

MJ&T Size Guide


XSM 8.5”-12” Width is 5/8”

SM 12”-17” Width is 1”

MED 13”-20” Width is 1 1/4”

LG 18”-25” Width is 1 1/4”



MED 13”-20” Width is 1 1/4”

LG 18”-25” Width is 1 1/4”



MED 12”-18” Width is 1”

LG 17”-25” Width is 1”



Park 5’ Width is 1”

Garden 5’ Width is 5/8”



XSM 12”-15” Width is 5/8”

SM 15“-18” Width is 5/8”

MED 17”-22” Width is 1”

LG 19”-26” Width is 1”

XLG 21”-30” Width is 1”

XXLG 25”-35” Width is 1”


Please contact us for custom sizes.