Looking Glass Signature Buckle Dog Collar

King of Hearts
Queen of Hearts
MJ&T Size Guide

Who Painted the Hearts?

Your Pup + these hearts = Fabulous! From our Looking Glass series, soft blue or black and creamy colored diamonds, overlaid with our cherry red hearts create this “not everything is as it seems” design. Our Signature antique bronze buckle dresses this yummy dog collar to a tea!

Don’t be late…Our Looking Glass Dog Leash will help get you to the party on time.

Other dog collar styles include: Classic Plastic Buckle and Martingale Style.

  • Harlequin pattern for your Furry Tail
  • Signature Metal Buckles are stylish and strong
  • Custom antique bronze finish hardware
  • Width varies per collar size, please reference MJ&T Size Guide
  • Sturdy but soft webbing that is stitched and riveted for extra durability

If a full dress code is in place, you might want to check out our Looking Glass Dog Harness.

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MJ&T Size Guide


XSM 8.5”-12” Width is 5/8”

SM 12”-17” Width is 1”

MED 13”-20” Width is 1 1/4”

LG 18”-25” Width is 1 1/4”



MED 13”-20” Width is 1 1/4”

LG 18”-25” Width is 1 1/4”



MED 12”-18” Width is 1”

LG 17”-25” Width is 1”



Park 5’ Width is 1”

Garden 5’ Width is 5/8”



XSM 12”-15” Width is 5/8”

SM 15“-18” Width is 1”

MED 17”-22” Width is 1”

LG 13”-21” Width is 1”

XLG 21”-30” Width is 1”

XXLG 25”-35” Width is 1”