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Art work that tells a story!

Fred is a short pup with a tall personality and a story that spans the globe. When we decided to create collars and leashes that were inspired by Fred and his journey we knew they needed to be unique, fun and as inspirational as all our dogs are to us. Vicki's professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to our shared vision made this process an absolute dream. We're so proud of the designs we've created and we've received nothing but positive and loving feedback from all who've purchased Fred's collars &/or leashes. Thank you Vicki & Merry Jane & Thor!!

Craig & Fred

Thank you Craig & Fred! Collaborating with the right people & pups brings the best results. Lola and Capri look awesome in Fred's patterns. We love participating on Team Fred :@)
So Fetch!

When my sister and I decided to open a Pet Boutique in our area we knew that we wanted to have our own design/logo on collars and leads and when we found Merry Jane and Thor we knew we had the right fit. Vicki at Merry Jane and Thor was a complete dream to work and collaborate with on our Fetch Graffiti. Her expertise, feedback and advice along the way was essential. We absolutely love our Club Line and have had nothing but compliments on the quality and detail in the pattern. To anyone interested in their own Club Line by Merry Jane and Thor, I highly recommend it.

I LUV your pattern and it's all yours! Thanks for the feedback, you have a great store... Women in Business Rock!
Absolutely LOVE Merry Jane and Thor and our CUSTOM collars

Every single one of their patterns is already insanely unqiue and perfect as is. The fact that Vicki and her team can take your logo or design and elevate it to a modern, whimsical, hand painted peice of art is absolutely amazing and unparalleled. The process was seamless and collaborative and the result speaks for itself! We could not be happier! Our customers are going crazy for our new custom pattern. Thank you sooooooooooo much!

Thank You! We can make anything work but your logo is a fabulous fit for Merry Jane & Thor! We LUV hanging on the East Coast with Pet Store Next Door!

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MJ&T Size Guide


XSM 8.5”-12” Width is 5/8”

SM 12”-17” Width is 1”

MED 13”-20” Width is 1 1/4”

LG 18”-25” Width is 1 1/4”



MED 13”-20” Width is 1 1/4”

LG 18”-25” Width is 1 1/4”



MED 12”-18” Width is 1”

LG 17”-25” Width is 1”



Park 5’ Width is 1”

Garden 5’ Width is 5/8”



XSM 12”-15” Width is 5/8”

SM 15“-18” Width is 5/8”

MED 17”-22” Width is 1”

LG 19”-26” Width is 1”

XLG 21”-30” Width is 1”

XXLG 25”-35” Width is 1”


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