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Bold Colors & Exciting Designs

What's your dog's unique style? Shop for your next dog collar, harness and leash. Choose from one-of-a-kind designs like GangstaMutt™ Graffiti, GI Jane Camouflage, The Hamptons Beach Ball, Starry Night Moon & Star and more! MJ&T brings happiness and inspiration to your all your walks... You'll see.

Meet the MJ&T Artist - Vicki

Just like you, I love my dogs and care about what they wear. Merry Jane & Thor is a personal journey and my creative outlet. I enjoy getting to know fellow dog lovers and sharing the obsession we have with our Furbabies!

Every design begins as an originally hand-painted piece of art. The colors are rich, the brush strokes add depth and the designs are playful. I've added graphic influences to bring everything together.

Someone once told me their Merry Jane & Thor Dog Leash made them happy. It’s true! You walk your dog; you see their collar & leash. It just makes you smile. Bold colors & exciting designs bring happiness and inspiration to your walks... You’ll see!

What Our Pack Has to Say...